Official Plan

Official Plan


This is a plan adopted by Town Council which provides policy direction for the future development of the community and the provision of public works within the community. Any public works undertaken and any zoning by-laws passed regulating the use of lands must comply with the policies of the Official Plan.

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Citizens Guide to Land-Use Planning

The attached document and schedules are very LARGE pdf files (which can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader). In order to open the files you will need to download them and save to your computer first. Just right click on the link then choose 'save target as...' and save a copy of the file to your hard drive and then open.

NOTL Official Plan 2004 Office Consolidation
OP Schedule A (Land Use)
OP Schedule B (Old Town)
OP Schedule C (Virgil)
OP Schedule D (St. Davids)
OP Schedule E (Queenston)
OP Schedule F (Glendale)
OP Schedule G (Transportation)
OP Schedule H (Archaeological Potential)

The following is a DRAFT Consolidation which contains all of the amendments up to November, 2013.  Please note that for clarification purposes, the original text from the approved By-law Amendments will be the definitive text.  This is provided as a guide until such time as a new official plan is approved by Council.

NOTL Official Plan 2013 Office Consolidation 

• OP Schedule A (Land Use)  2013 Consolidation
• OP Schedule B (Old Town)  2013 Consolidation
• OP Schedule C (Virgil)  2013 Consolidation
• OP Schedule D (St. Davids)  2013 Consolidation
OP Schedule E (Queenston)  2013 Consolidation​
• OP Schedule F (Glendale)  2013 Consolidation
OP Schedule G (Transportation)
 OP Schedule H (Archaeological Potential) 
 OP Schedule I 1-5 (Urban Structure)