Committee & Boards 2018-22

Committees & Boards


The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake is accepting applications for the St. Davids Pool Fundraising Committee to oversee fundraising efforts needed to construct a new pool in St. Davids. To be eligible for appointment to a Committee, you must be a resident of the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, work or have a place of business in the municipality and demonstrate commitment to and interest in the community. 

Volunteers Needed:  7

The Application Form and Committee’s Terms of Reference are available on the Town’s website ( under ‘Current News’. The application deadline is January 6, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. Completed applications may be submitted to the Corporate Services Department, Municipal Offices, 1593 Four Mile Creek Road, PO Box 100, Virgil, ON L0S 1T0 or by e-mail to 


The information being collected pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act will be used to select persons for appointment to The Corporation of The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake Committees. 


Agricultural Committee - Terms of Reference

Councillor Wendy Cheropita
Councillor Erwin Wiens
Dennis Dick
John Fedorkow
Kathryn Hoshkiw
George Lepp
John Thwaites
Chris VandeLaar
Kai Wiens (Chair)


Audit Committee - Terms of Reference

Councillor Norm Arsenault
Councillor Al Bisback (Vice-Chair)
Councillor Gary Burroughs
Councillor Stuart McCormack (Chair)
Councillor John Wiens


Chief Administrative Officer Selection Committee
Lord Mayor Betty Disero (Chair)
Councillor Gary Burroughs
Councillor Clare Camerson
Councillor Erwin
Committee of Adjustment -  Terms of Reference 

Steve Bartolini
John Bice (Vice-Chair)
Paul Harber
Eric Lehtinen
Allen Snider (Chair)
Bob Stelmach
Richard Ventresca

Ashlea Carter, Secretary-Treasurer Committee of Adjustment 

Communities in Bloom - Terms of Reference

Councillor Wendy Cheropita
Councillor John Wiens
Rene Bertschi
Vicky Downes (Vice-Chair)
Diane Hemmings (Chair)
Bette Ann James 
Janice Johnson
Janet Trogdon

Community Wellness Committee - Terms of Reference

Lord Mayor Betty Disero (Vice-Chair)
Alan Brockway
Cindy Grant (Chair)
Paul Jurbala
Terry Mactaggart
Catherine Novick
Sean Simpson
Carol Clarke
Natalie Cooper

Customer Experience & Technology Committee - Terms of Reference

Councillor Clare Cameron (Vice-Chair)
Jim Brown
Adrian Cooper
Beckie Fox
Weston Miller
Andrew Niven (Chair)

Fred Cervantes, Manager of Information and Technology 

Fence Viewers - Line Fences Act

Walter Konik
Bob Stelmach
Richard Ventresca
Glendale Taskforce - Terms of Reference

Councillor Stuart McCormack (Chair)
Councillor Norm Arsenault
Terry Flynn
Steve Hardaker (Vice-Chair)
Al Hosein
Lianne Gagnon - Niagara College
Tom Price - Niagara College

Grinder Pump Committee - Terms of Reference

Councillor Erwin Wiens
Councillor Norm Arsenault
Michelle Adelstein (Vice-Chair)
John Lindsay
Angelo Miniaci (Chair)
Wayne Scott
David Snelgrove

Heritage Trail Committee - Terms of Reference

Councillor Al Bisback
Frances Boot
Tony Chisholm (Vice-Chair)
Rick Coyne
Rick Meloen (Chair)
Fred Sentineal
Ryan Tregunno
Cheryl Morris

Inclusivity Committee - Terms of Reference

Councillor John Wiens
Virginia Head
Jamie Knight
Richard Mell
Niki Walker
George Webber
Bex McKnight
Irrigation Committee - Terms of Reference

Councillor Erwin Wiens
Councillor John Wiens
Kevin Buis (Chair)
Rob Enns
Michael Kauzlaric
Walter Konik (Vice-Chair)
Kurt Newmann
Kai Wiens

Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference

Dave Antaya


Licensing Appeal Committee - Terms of Reference

Tony Chisholm
Margaret Louter
Taylor MaGee
Janet Trogdon

Lord Mayor's Economic Development Task Force - Terms of Reference

Lord Mayor Betty Disero
Councillor Clare Cameron
Councillor Erwin Wiens
Lord Mayor's Youth Advisory Council - Terms of Reference

Lord Mayor Betty Disero
Bethany Pöltl (Chair)
Municipal Accommodation Tax Committee

Councillor Al Bisback
Councillor Norm Arsenault
Eduardo Lafforgue
Paul Macintyre 
Tony Chisholm
David Levesques

Municipal Heritage Committee - Terms of Reference & Ontario Heritage Act

Councillor Clare Cameron
Councillor Al Bisback
Ron Dale (Museum Representative)
Ken Douglas

Amanda Demers
Drew Chapman (Chair)
Philip Hoad
David Parker
Rita Trudeau (Vice-Chair)
Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library Board - Public Libraries Act

Councillor Al Bisback
Councillor Stuart McCormack
John Bible
Kathleen Cartwright
Robin Foster
Dave Hunter
Betty Knight
Madeleine Lefebvre (Chair)
Daryl Novak
Lisa Traficante

Niagara District Airport Commission - By-law 4594-12

Committee Representative: 

Dan Pilon, Airport Manager

NOTL Representatives
Councillor Gary Burroughs
Robin Garrett
Niagara-on-the-Lake Safety Committee - Terms of Reference

Councillor Norm Arsenault
Bill Dickson
Shirley Eden
Ken Gansel (Vice-Chair)
Steve Hardaker
Robert Oleksiw
Alex Pewer
Jake Redekopp
Katherine Reid
Jon Schmidt
Bob Strickland
Rick Stubbings
Catharine Wickabrod (Chair)
St. Davids Swimming Pool Committee - Terms of Reference

APPLICATION - Deadline January 6, 2020 @ 4 p.m.


To be added

Transportation Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference

Councillor Norm Arsenault 
Councillor Gary Burroughs
David Bell
William Carson
Terry Davis
Margaret Louter (Vice-Chair)
Gerry McIlhone (Chair)
Joe Pitushka
Walter Konik

Tree Advisors - Terms of Reference

Buddy Andres
Rene Schmitz

Town Historian - Terms of Reference

Niagara Historical Society

Urban Design Committee - Terms of Reference

Councillor Clare Cameron
David Anthony
John Gartner
David Israelson
Peter Neame
Gordon Stratford (Vice-Chair)
David Parker  (MHC Representative) (Chair)