Community Assistance

Community Assistance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Amid this challenging time, Town Council and Staff recognize the restrictions on those in mandatory isolation and quarantine. We, therefore, have coordinated with a number of businesses and community groups to help get essential supplies and groceries to our residents in need. See below for details. 

  • The responsibility to contact the selected business and subsequent community partner is the responsibility of those in need.
  • Orders can be placed online or by phone. 
  • We ask that these services only be used when all other options have been exhausted.
  • It is essential that physical distancing guidelines are adhered to during every delivery, and at all times.
  • Please be assured that food supplies remain stable. Grocers are encouraging patrons to continue their normal purchasing behaviour – rather than excessively stocking up – to ensure no one runs short of necessities.
  • Pharmaceuticals will not be delivered by our community partners. 
  • The Town does not endorse any entity listed but provides this information as a public service. 

Several grocery stores in Niagara are opening their doors early for seniors and those with other health concerns to give them an opportunity to shop with fewer customers around amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Make sure to check with your favourite store before venturing out. 

Business Location Phone Number Order Method
Harvest Barn Virgil 905-468-3224 By Phone
Phil's Valu Mart Virgil 905-468-3286 On-line
Commissos Fresh Food Niagara Falls 905-357-6604 By Phone or On-line
Simpson's Pharmacy Virgil 905-468-2121 By Phone or On-line
Simpson's Pharmacy  Old Town 905-468-8400 By Phone
Stone Road Pharmacy  Virgil 905-468-3000 By Phone
Shoppers Drug Mart Old Town 905-468-03323 By Phone

Online Ordering Options 

Meals on Wheels 905-356-9194 or 905-351-7079
Grocery Grabbers 905-358-1043

Meal Kits 

Good Food 
Hello Fresh
Chefs Plate


If you are self-isolating, in quarantine, or just wish to pool efforts for buying groceries, these apps may be of use to you: 


If you would like to lend a hand and you are healthy, showing no potential symptoms of COVID-19, and have not travelled in the past 14 days, please contact one of the community partners listed below: 

Community Partners  Contact Contact Information Service Provided 

CAA Niagara




The CAA Delivery Request Form can be found on the CAA Niagara web-site

CAA Niagara is now offering temporary delivery service to members in self-isolation.

This service is available to members only Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. 

Central Community Church Grant McArthur

Pick Up & Delivery

The church will also assist with other urgent support where required.  Please contact the church directly for more information. 

The church can also supply an emergency supply of food if a food order cannot be arranged. 

Community Crew Grant McArthur


Community Crew is flexible and will step in to help in any capacity they are called to including; food deliveries/shopping help, food for those without resources and "plan to protect" online courses.  More information regarding their programs, can be found at the following locations;


Community Transport Group

(Provider of the NOTL Transit) 



FREE - Delivery of essential items to residents of Niagara-on-the-Lake from local businesses, Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Delivery requests must be made for the following day, (requests for Monday need to be made by Friday at 4:30 pm.).

Prequalification is not required. 

Cornerstone Community Church

Jeff Martens  905-468-7155
ext. 223

Pick Up & Delivery of meals or groceries. Cornerstone can also provide support with other urgent needs. Please click the link below to fill out their online form and let them know how they can support you:

John Drake Resident


Pick Up & Delivery

Niagara-on-the-Lake Rotary Club John Boot


Pick Up & Delivery
Meals on Wheels   905-356-7548 or

Community Support Services of Niagara is still offering Meals on Wheels hot and frozen meal delivery.  Please call for more information. 

Niagara Holiday Rentals Jason Clements


Jason has a small pick up truck and a small utility vehicle and is willing to pick up and delivery grocery items etc. 
The Village Community Association Mona Babin Mona will co-ordinate errands for residents living in The Village.
Queenston Residents Association (QRA) Sue Stecyk

Adrian Schoot Uiterkamp 




QRA will assist Queenston residents who cannot leave their house to self-isolation or physical distancing.

They are willing to pick up groceries or medication, dog walk and some pet care help.

NOTE: Volunteers, if you are picking up or delivering on behalf of others it is important to keep track of who you were in contact with in the event the public Health authorities need to contact them. 

To review all Town updates related to COVID-19, read answers to frequently asked questions, and see up-to-date information on the status of Town services, please visit, or call 905-468-3266. Phones are being answered between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM Monday to Friday, and online service requests remain available at

Visit for the most up to date information from the Federal Government.

Should you have questions regarding this program, please contact:

Tara Druzina

Important Notice: The information on this page is updated frequently. Last updated at 8:30 pm, April 20, 2020.