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Lord Mayor’s Report – September 2015

I hope everyone had a great summer. Now that we are officially into fall, I wanted to provide an update on some issues that may be of interest to residents.

Former NDSS Property
Earlier this year, a “Request for Expressions of Interest” was issued by the Town to invite proposals for developing the former high school property at 1875 Niagara Stone Road.  A committee has been established to review the proposals and we hope to report back to Council with development options in the near future.

Expansion of NOTL Transit
In July, a second NOTL Transit line was added to accommodate residents in the Queenston, St. Davids and Glendale areas.  This new route was introduced as a pilot project and is scheduled to run until later this year.  Currently, it provides an 11-hour daily service between Queenston and Glendale, Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays. Staff is expected to provide Council with an update on the new bus line in the near future.  

Dock Area Improvements
There are a number of improvements in the works for the Melville Street Dock Area.  Council has approved a final landscape design and the house at 105 River Beach Drive has already been demolished and the lands have been graded to provide more green space and public access to the waterfront.  Other proposed changes will be phased in over the next few years, including shoreline erosion control, relocating the cedar hedge further west, and a review of the pathway and sidewalks.

Communities in Bloom
Congratulations to our Communities in Bloom Committee for doing such a great job with the judging this summer that the Town has received an immediate 5 Bloom rating.  This means we now qualify for the national competition next year.  The Town was also presented with an award for landscape and a special mention for partnering with business in floral displays.  Thanks to all of our residents and business supporters for helping us with this achievement! 

REMINDER TO RESIDENTS – Council will host its next Community Update at the Community Centre on Tuesday, October 20.  Please watch for the newspaper notice for further details.

Pat Darte
Lord Mayor