Official Plan

Official Plan


The Official Plan was adopted by Town Council under Section 17 of the Planning Act.  The Plan provides policy direction for the future development of the community and the provision of public works within the community. Any public works undertaken and any by-laws passed must conform with the policies of the Official Plan.

Select the links below to access the Official Plan (in pdf format):

Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake Official Plan   (As of July 17, 2017)

Official Plan Schedules   (As of July 17, 2017)  small file size

Higher quality versions of the Official Plan schedules are provided individually below:

• Schedule A: Land Use Plan 
• Schedule B: Land Use Plan - Niagara/Old Town
• Schedule B1-B8: Dock Area Secondary Plan 
• Schedule C: Land Use Plan - Virgil 
Schedule D: Land Use Plan - St. Davids
• Schedule D1: St. Davids Established Village Area
• Schedule E: Land Use Plan - Queenston
• Schedule E1: Queenston Secondary Plan Boundary 
• Schedule F: Land Use Plan - Glendale  
• Schedule F1-F4: Glendale Secondary Plan 
• Schedule G: Transportation Plan 
• Schedule H: Archaeological Potential 
• Schedule I1-I5: Growth Management 
• Schedule J: Complete Application 
Secondary Plans and Studies
Employment Lands Needs Study
Functional Parking Analysis
Glendale Seconday Plan
Old Town & Dock Area: Vision and Secondary Plan
St. Davids Urban Design
Village of Queenston Secondary Plan

For general information about official plans in the Province of Ontario, use this link to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs website:   Citizens Guide to Land-Use Planning