Pools, Hot Tubs and Landscape Ponds (in excess of 0.6m)

Private Outdoor Swimming Pools, Hot Tub, Landscape Ponds and Swimming Pool Enclosures

On May 13, 2019, Council adopted a new Private Outdoor Swimming Pool, Hot Tubs and Swimming Pool Enclosure by-law, (please reference By-law No. 5155-19, A By-law to Regulate Private Outdoor Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Swimming Pool Enclosures in the Municipality and to Rescind By-law 803-77).  The by-law applies to a body of water that is (a) is located outdoors on private property; (b) is wholly or partially contained by artificial means; and (c) is capable, at any point, of holding water in excess of 0.6 m in depth; including but not limited to a hot tub or landscape pond.

The by-law applies retroactively to all properties within the Municipality.  This means that all outdoor swimming pools, hot tubs and landscape ponds holding water in excess of 0.6m in depth requires conformity to the new by-law, including units installed before May 13, 2019.  For more information on this and how to proceed with compliance, please refer to the following page of our web-site, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Hot Tub and Landscape Pond Compliance Application.  Note that conformity must occur before November 13, 2019.

Before installing a new pool or a hot tub, you must apply for and obtain a permit.  The following is intended as a reference to assist you in submitting such.  Please note that a permit is not required for a landscape pond, but the pond must comply with by-law.

Application Submission Checklist – New Applications

  1. Completed swimming pool enclosure permit application form (click here for the fillable form).
  2. The above application along with applicable drawings must be submitted to the Building Department either in person or via the following portal, https://spaces.hightail.com/uplink/cds-notl. The following information must be included on the drawings (specific requirements can be found in By-law No. 5155-19).
  1. The location of the property,
  2. A plot plan showing the location of trees, septic tanks and beds where applicable, location of right of ways, easements and existing or proposed retaining walls associated with the pool location, the proposed swimming pool and/or hot tub location on the property in relation to lot lines, street lines and all other building structures on the lot,
  3. A plan showing the complete details of the swimming pool enclosure including the location, type, height, materials, gates and latching devices,
  4. A plan showing the location of hydro electric poles and all proposed plumbing and electrical installations,
  5. A set of plans for the construction of proposed decks and/or accessory buildings (including change rooms, storage structures etc) if any,
  6. Measurement to mechanical pool equipment,
  7. A lot grading plan may be required at the discretion of the Chief Building Official,
  8. If the application is for a hot tub with a locking cover, details of the locking covers hall be submitted with the application.
  1. An applicable fee must be paid before the permit can be issued. Note, that a damage deposit may also be required.
  2. If tree removal is required, the Private Tree Protect By-law might apply.  Visit the Trees on Private Property in Urban Areas (live link) for permit details and application process.

If you have any questions regarding the above process, please contact.

Rolf Wiens
Manager of Enforcement/Chief Building Official
905-468-3061, ext. 249

John Kawula
Building Inspector
905 468-3061, ext. 235