Things to Know When Parking

Things to Know when Parking
Do not stop, stand or park a vehicle:

  1. Facing the wrong way on the street or against the direction of traffic flow
  2. On the roadway side of any stopped, standing or parked vehicle (no double parking, stopping or standing)
  3. On or partly on or over a sidewalk
  4. Within an intersection or crosswalk
  5. On any outer boulevard

Do not park a vehicle:

  1. Within 10m (33ft) of an intersection
  2. Within 3m (10ft) on a fire hydrant
  3. On an inner boulevard
  4. In front of or within 1.5m (5ft) of a laneway or driveway or a curb-cut
  5. On either side of a roadway so as to obstruct a vehicle in the use of any laneway or driveway
  6. For the purpose of displaying such vehicle for sale or lease
  7. For the purpose of servicing or repairing a vehicle except for emergency
  8. For a period of time exceeding 12 hours

Accessible Parking:

There are several accessible parking spaces located throughout the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake; these spaces are located both on the street and in municipal parking lots.  All vehicles parking in an accessible zone must display an original and current accessible permit.  Any vehicle found parked in a accessible zone without the valid accessible permit will be ticketed.  The fine for parking in an accessible zone is $400.00.

The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake has approved the use of accessible parking permits in the following areas only:

  • Designated accessible zones/spaces
  • At any meter free of charge. This includes municipal lots governed by pay and display parking meters. In these lots a pay and display permit is not required if the vehicle is displaying a valid accessible permit.
  • All other parking zones must be adhered to as posted.

Please note that each municipality differs in regards to accessible parking.  

The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake does not permit those with an accessible parking permit to park in any No Parking or No Stopping areas.

“It is the responsibility of every driver who has a disability, or transporting a passenger with a disability, to be aware of the by-laws of each municipality with regard to the use of accessible permits and park in the appropriate legal parking areas at all times.”

Metered Parking:

The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake has both traditional meters (those found at each space) and pay and display parking meters. The pay and display parking meters require you purchase a permit from a centrally located machine. The streets and lots that are metered by pay and display machines are clearly signed with “METERED PARKING” signs. The pay and display meters are located centrally in parking lots and on street are located ½ down the block. For streets and lots with a large number of spaces, there are multiple pay and display machines located along the street.

If you encounter a faulty parking meter please follow the instructions on the machine and either try another machine in the area or call 905-468-3266 to report the meter.  We will do our best to promptly attend the machine to test and repair, if required.   

Residents of the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake are eligible to purchase a parking permit that allows them to park at a meter for free for up to 1 hour only. If you are planning on staying longer then the 1 hour limit, you are required to put money in the parking meter, your hour will be honoured on top of any money that is deposited, i.e. if you pay for 3 hours of parking with your permit you will receive 4 hours. All other parking prohibitions must be observed.  The permits are $19.00 for the calendar year and are available at the town offices in Virgil, Chamber of commerce and the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake library. Permits for the next year are available starting in mid-November. Proof of residency is required when purchasing the parking permits.

Bus Parking:

All buses must park at the motor coach facility located near Fort George.  There is a shuttle service from the bus parking facility to a shuttle stop located behind the Court House Theatre.  The shuttle stop is conveniently located adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce offices and Visitor Information Centre.  The shuttle operates from the beginning of April to the end of December each year.  During the months of January, February and March buses are permitted to drop off /pick up passengers at the bus stop on Queen Street in front of the Royal George Theatre.  Once the passengers have been dropped off, the bus must be parked at the motor coach facility.

For those travelling to pre-booked appointments, once the passengers have been dropped off at an approved destination, the motor coach must proceed to the designated bus parking facility near Fort George.  Approved site-specific properties are: Royal George Theatre (with Shaw permit), Court House Theatre (with Shaw permit), Festival Theatre, Queens Landing (on Queens Landing property), Pillar and Post (on Pillar and Post property).

The Information Centre at the motor coach parking facility offers an air-conditioned driver rest area with complimentary coffee and use of a private telephone.  The area is available from April 1 to October 31 only.

With regard to motor-coach movement throughout the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, we ask that the designated posted routes be respected.  They have been designated to provide the tour operator with the most expedient access to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Please be advised the parking and drop-off policy will be strictly enforced.

Fees for the motor coach facility are determined on a yearly basis; bus companies and tour operators are notified of the parking rate before the onset of the summer season. A copy of the letter sent to the Tour Bus Operators can be found here.