Heritage Planning


Queen-Picton Heritage Conservation District 

Queen-Picton Heritage Conservation District Plan 1986

Approved Queen-Picton Heritage Conservation District Colours. For additional colour choices, please contact the Heritage Advisor. Painting the exterior of a designated building requires a Heritage Permit, unless the building is being repainted the same colour.  

The Municipal Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value and Interest

The Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties is a list that the clerk of every local municipality is required to keep. It is an official list of properties of cultural heritage value in the community. The register must include all properties in the municipality which are designated under Part IV (individual designation) and Part V (district designation) of the Ontario Heritage Act. The list can also include non-designated properties of cultural heritage value and interest.

Archaeological Potential Areas

Municipal Heritage Permit Application

It is the policy of the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake Community & Development Services Department that all applicants must consult with the Heritage Advisor before submitting an application.  The following application must be completed;

Request for Municipal Heritage Committee Comments

If you would like to have the Committee's input on a proposed alteration to a designated property, please complete the following form and submit to Heritage Staff.

For more information and/or to arrange for a Pre-consultation meeting please contact;
Jesse Auspitz
Planner II, Heritage Advisor (A), ext. 258